Zevia Review & Giveaway


Let’s face it, no matter how health conscious you are, it can be frustrating sometimes. Take pop (or soda depending on where you live) for example. Who does not like a cold refreshing glass of pop after gardening, exercising or in the case of my 17 year old son, to stay refreshed during the latest […]

Sunday Dinner #8 – Homemade Hummus


How was your week?  I had good days and bad days. I think I mentioned last week that on September 1st I went totally gluten free. Unfortunately it can take a few months to really start feeling big changes in a positive direction. I have good moments, and several hours that have been better but […]

Sunday Dinner #7- String Beans & Potatoes


Before I share my week and my grandma’s delicious recipe for string beans & potatoes,  I want to say sorry for my absence. For a few weeks it was just too unbearable in my house to cook anything. I wasn’t feeling well and really got down in the dumps. All of that combined lead to […]