Sunday Dinner #5 – Cucumber Salad


I want to apologize for this post being late. I accidentally deleted all the pictures off of my camera instead of transferring them to my computer  Glad I still had more cucumbers for a take two on the recipe.  So how was everyone’s week, last week? Mine was spent helping my son paint the living […]

Sunday Dinner #4 – Italian Tomato Salad


Hello! If you’re new to my blog my Sunday Dinner posts happen every week (posted no later then Monday) and are where I share bits and pieces of my previous week along with our Sunday dinner and a recipe or two. Yes they are usually long and delicious posts. Today I made Italian hamburgers and […]

Food & Health Journal

As promised this post will explain why and how I keep a food & health journal. I will outline the main points in this post, and I will go into more detail in the accompanying video. So why did I start this journal? Up until a couple years ago, I never had many digestive issues […]