Frontier Soups Review & Offer


When the weather turns cool, we love including soups into our meals. Although I love making soup from scratch, sometimes I don’t have the time or I’m missing an ingredient. Frontier Soups solves that problem. Frontier Soups is an American company founded by Trisha Anderson, who transformed her life-long love of cooking into a career […]

The Kupp Review


Recently I was given the opportunity from to review the The Kupp. Not sure what that is? The Kupp’ was created by Katesplace founder Kate Oliver as a tool to help her young boys learn accountability and responsibility. She gave each of her children their very own glass in a different color and put […]

Halloween Decorations 2014


If you have been reading my blog for very long you know this is my very favorite time of year. Starting September 1st through the new year is one big, long holiday for me This Halloween Decorations post is not big on pictures because I did a video instead. I’m still getting into the groove […]