Sweetleaf Organic Stevia Review


I think one of the biggest obstacles to eating clean and healthy is sugar.  We all know organic is best of anything. We also know pure sugar, organic or not, is not something any of us should consume very much of. But, it’s also almost impossible to have flavorful food without it. What would our […]

Disneyside Home Celebration 2015


Welcome to our Disneyside home celebration! Last year, my party theme was “It all started with a mouse…” This year I went with Mickey Mouse again, but kept the theme less specific. When life and budget doesn’t necessarily allow for a chance at new and big ideas, you go with the tried and true. I […]

Ten Cookie Baking Tips


Hello everyone…it’s that time of year…the holidays are here!!! Whether you are an avid year round baking queen or someone that reluctantly pulls out the baking supplies just at the holidays,  almost everyone will be baking at least one batch of cookies within  the next month.  with that in mind, I recently recorded a video […]