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I was recently given the opportunity to receive a copy of the December/January issue of Country Woman Magazine. I’ll be very honest and say I had not heard of the magazine before the opportunity existed. I must be living under a rock.  This issue is chock full of  great recipes and ideas to make Christmas perfect for you and your family. I love all magazines that have anything to do with home style, crafts and recipes. Country Woman has all of that but also embraces the country lifestyle while sharing all that is home. I have always envisioned myself living a country lifestyle, regardless of where my home is located. Whether you are in the city, a suburb or a rural farm area, Country Woman Magazine will help you embrace the country lifestyle.



I was also able to steal a few minutes from the editor of Country Woman Magazine Lori Grzybowski’s busy schedule to ask a few questions.

The Interview

1) What embodies a country lifestyle?

Thanks, Margaret, and I’m so glad you asked that question! Often, people think a country lifestyle is all about where you live, that you have to have 40 acres and an 1800s Victorian farmhouse, or rustic log cabin on the edge of a forest before you can call yourself a country woman!

But to our way of thinking, a country lifestyle is as much about how you choose to live as it is where,  that it’s as much about your values as your location. So if you choose to live in a simple, wholesome, neighborly, hands-on kind of way,  nurturing your family and friends, we’d say you’re living a country lifestyle, whether you’re in that rambling Victorian farmhouse,<> a  charming log cabin<> — or even a tiny urban apartment like the one where this enterprising group of young friends got together to learn how to can food!<>



2) How would you describe a country woman?


She’s a genuine, down-to-earth, friendly woman who enjoys life, and takes pride in putting a personal touch in everything from her cooking to her home décor. She can’t abide wastefulness, and that’s part of the reason she was upcycling and repurposing long before anyone was using those buzzwords (she gets a real kick out of figuring out creative ways to use things others might throw out).


She might be a self-taught modern homesteader<>; she might keep bees<> or chickens in her spare time; she almost certainly enjoys growing her own food, maybe with heirloom seeds<>, and growing flowers<> just for the sheer beauty they offer. And she’s generous, especially about sharing what she’s learned to help others get the same kind of enjoyment from a hands-on, DIY lifestyle.



3) What does it take (and how long) to get an issue like the Dec/Jan Country Woman ready to go?


It takes a lot of help from our readers,  many of whom share with us their recipes, their craft ideas (like this stunning Christmas tree <> made out of a repurposed tomato cage), their household hints, ideas for stories—like hosting a cookie decorating party,<> with the goodies donated to families in need—and more. It also takes a goodly amount of time, planning and teamwork to put together the very best collection of interesting stories, delicious recipes and fun crafts from those ideas.


We’ve already begun planning for next year’s Dec/Jan issue! By mid-summer, it will be beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our Test Kitchen (we test all our recipes before publishing them) and Photo Studio.



4) Can you give my readers a hint on what to expect in the next issue?

Oh, we are so excited about our February/March issue!

Readers will  meet a woman after our own heart – she and her husband not only built their own home in Alaska, but she herself built the gorgeous furniture in it! She says if she can do it, anyone can, and shares directions to build her easy storage locker for your entryway.  Also look for: a woman who carves ice into exquisite sculptures, a farm wife who turned an extra grain bin into a B&B, an introduction to the secret language of flowers, scrumptious slow-cooker meals, a recipe for Valentine cupcakes for your sweetie and cute things you can make to help organize every room of your home.

Look for our February/March issue on newsstands starting Jan. 7.

 A big thanks to Lori for answering those questions for us. As you can see, it doesn’t take a certain address or type of home to be a country woman or embrace the country lifestyle. It really is what’s inside you that counts, how you want live your life, regardless of where you live. Oh, and having the latest issue of  Country Woman Magazine helps to :)

Posted by Margaret Bochy

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